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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Iceberg Hunting

I know it's been two weeks since I posted anything, but internet has been so scarce that I figured it could all wait.  But then...icebergs!

This has actually been the first year I have been home at iceberg time so I was pretty excited to finally see them!

It's a big year for icebergs in Newfoundland, no trouble to find them in any of the northern coves and bays.  We found these just driving up the Port de Grave peninsula near Bay Roberts.

As you can see, May in Newfoundland is not the same as anywhere in the United States.  Things are still looking a bit like early March around here.

But it's been above freezing at night and consistently between 40F and 50F so nothing really to complain about.

Taking these pictures made me realize that maybe it's finally time to invest in a REALLY good zoom lens.  I have moose and caribou to find yet this summer, after all.

But first we need to get a house. That's right, still no home.  We were outbid on the first home we wanted, the second house we made an offer on was overpriced and they wouldn't budge.  Tomorrow we see the last house on the list of what is suitable and available. 

Then we will make a decision on the last two we are considering.  Both have renters in them at the moment, and here that means 90 days notice from the first of the month before they have to leave.  

Thank goodness we have a camper!  We might not be in a home of our own until October...


  1. Wow! Love the icebergs! I've only seen them in Iceberg Lake in Glacier NP. I was so excited to see the blue ice and it was August. Your icebergs are huge!

  2. Not something you see everyday. I got rid of my Sigma 50-500 lens as it was too heavy to lug around. I bought a Tamron 100-400 to replace it. Lot easier to use