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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Persistence Pays

The last hike that I took while I was in San Diego in April was on the Piedras Pintadas trail in Escondido.

Mountain biker cresting the hill

I didn't know how long the trail was, or how far I wanted to go, but after I climbed a really steep hill  I decided I'd go as far as it would take me.

Another hiker enjoying the morning

Not much farther along I was surprised by the last of the spring bloom. The purple and yellow blanket lifted my spirits and spurred me to continue and see what was around the next bend.

Piedras Pintadas means "painted rocks", and interpretive signs along the way explained the petroglyphs that are found on some rocks in the area.  That portion of the park is now closed to protect what remains due to vandalism, but I enjoyed the coloration on these rocks nonetheless.

As I wound my way through the boulders I saw the 3.8 mile lollipop loop trail would end overlooking Lake Hodges.  My persistence paid off!

I can almost hear the birds that were on the lake calling to each other and feel the heat of the sun on my shoulders...

Knowing that the majority of the return hike was downhill was a relief as the sun rose in the sky and the temperature started to climb.  Perfect weather for lizards to sit on a fence!

It still isn't as warm here in Newfoundland at the end of May as it was in San Diego, but we have had sunny skies and comfortable temperatures for two days in a row and I'd say summer is on its way.  Except for murals I'm caught up blog posts, so get ready for sunsets over oceans and maritime fun!

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  1. How beautiful, and thanks for bringing us along on that hike. Can't wait to see what you have next!