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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Also Found Near Bayfield

There's always that handful of photographs that have no place to call home, isn't there?

The cool canoe we spotted at the Little Sand Bay Marina.  The town of Russell operates a decent first come first served campground there as well.  If you're looking for a spot to camp and have access to a spot to put your kayak in too, we'd recommend it.  It's a four mile crossing to Sand Island, I found a link to a video of some kayakers making the trip here.  Some very cool sea caves!

I photographed these three lichen specimens on our hike to the Falls-That-Were-Never-Found.. The top photo is a strip of Common Button Lichen on the bottom, but the upper half has yellow dots so is probably Common Firedot.

Common Powderhorn above, and Trumpet Lichen below, both seen at Amnicon Falls.  Didn't want to overwhelm that post with too many lichens, right?

The two fungi below were both from the Falls hike also.  This first one is probably Clavicorona pyxidata.  According to Tom Volk from UW LaCrosse it is a very common fungus that's edible! It can often be found in large quantities when no other fungi seem to be fruiting. If you taste a bit of it raw (be careful not to swallow!) it's pretty mild at first, but develops a peppery hot flavor after a minute or so...or so says Tom.  I didn't try it myself.  A couple of sites also mentioned it can have a laxative effect so bear that in mind if you get adventurous.

I did not get so lucky trying to find out what this one was, so let's just call it pretty for now.

This little flower was growing in the middle of a mossy mound at Amnicon Falls State Park.  No luck identifying it either.

The Turtlehead specimen below was spotted near Bayview Park Road which is located between Washburn and Bayfield.  I didn't see the plant anywhere else.

And last, but not least, the only picture I took in Bayfield itself.  A young fisherman framed by boats and a sculpture at the marina taken with my iPhone.  I'd love to take some shots down there at sunrise but I'm not one to get up early unless there's the possibility of a wildlife sighting too!

Kind of a haphazard post, but I'm in a haphazard kind of mood.  I had my second esophageal ablation procedure done yesterday and am definitely fatigued still and not feeling very "sharp" overall.   However, the procedure itself went excellent and I don't even have to go back for a third attempt!  Besides the fatigue which is mostly due to not sleeping very well the last few nights I only have a sore throat this time, no trouble swallowing thanks to them not having to blast the whole esophagus.   I'll be back to eating pizza within a week and running to balance out the calories!  Best of all, I don't have to go back to the G.I. for a year, and got lucky enough to catch that nasty Barrett's Disease before it became cancer.


  1. Your pictures of the plants are just fabulous. So clear and sharp. I just can't believe how much you know about lichens and fungi. So glad to hear that you don't have to go back for a year and that you will be back to pizza shortly. GI is no fun. I managed their computer operations for the Univ of Virginia for 20 years. SO glad I've never had GI problems.

  2. Glad your ablation was successful. Health issues are never fun.