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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Twice the Light in Manitowoc

If you're in Manitowoc you can park by the dock where they load the ferry that crosses Lake Michigan to Ludington and get a nice view of the Manitowoc Breakwater Light.  When we were there last month Wayne couldn't resist a walk out there and afterward we gawked at all the folks getting on the SS Badger with their campers.  We'll probably do it ourselves someday.

Not only is there a lot of gulls but the geese were guarding the pier as their territory as well.  We edged around the sassy Patriarch of the group and hoped we wouldn't have to swim the rest of the way.

There were a couple of guys fishing and a few boats made their way past as well.  The ferry to Ludington, Michigan was loading for its journey too.

I don't know what the story is with the smaller light.

After we saw it from a distance we had to see it up close too.  The parking lot for the walkway out onto the North Breakwater is past the Maritime Museum on your way to the town of Two Rivers.  The walk was about 10 minutes each way and we enjoyed the breeze off the lake.

The light is still active, so you can't go inside but you can access a walkway on the outside.

It was no coincidence that we timed our arrival with the departure of the SS Badger.  Wayne loves boats.  Even I will admit this one is a little different than the rest.

Today we're not on Lake Michigan, we drove the fifth wheel up to Bayfield way up at the top of Wisconsin and are just a couple of miles from Lake Superior. I'm sure we'll see a few more lights while we're up here.  Hope we get to see them as up close and personal as we did the ones in Manitowoc and Two Rivers.

Fans of the TV show "The Killing" will be happy to hear that Netflix made a fourth season to finally wrap the show up properly.  The fourth season was an emotional roller coaster and I don't remember ever feeling so pulled in.  They really do know how to make a show, the character work is unreal.  If you've never watched the show be prepared to have to give the first season a little time to grow on you, but it's all worth it.  I cried watching the last episode this morning.  What Wayne has to put up with, I tell ya.  Surprisingly I didn't get razzed about it at all.  What's he up to, I wonder?

Right now we're cooking our respective dinners at the campground, Wayne his grilled chicken and red potatoes sauteed with garlic and butter.  I'm on a mission to get some more iron into my diet.  I had my yearly physical a few days ago and the results show I'm a little anemic.  Ironic (ha ha) since I wasn't anemic when I was following a vegetarian diet.  Longtime readers of my blog know of my digestive saga for the past year that put me back on meat.  Since I cut corn out a couple of months ago (so hard to kick the popcorn habit!) I'm doing much better with fruits and vegetables so this week I'm reintroducing a more vegetarian style of eating and see how I do.  I bought some black beans, raisins and spinach to help boost my iron since my doc wants to re-test in a month.   Tonight I'm making a spinach and black bean quesadilla for dinner - yum!


  1. a great destination Pam; lovely photos and I hope your new diet tricks work...

  2. I used to just take iron pills. Too much trouble to actually eat more healthy. :-D