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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Gotta Buy Jam and Coffee, Right?

So, remember how I cancelled my camping reservations in Indiana due to the rainy, humid weather?  Well, I'm already stir crazy after doing laundry and scrubbing the kitchen (insane how dirty the microwave gets) so I just called the Big Lake Campground in Algoma and I'm heading north tomorrow.

Driftwood sculpture in Bayfield - a few pics I forgot to post!

Wayne is forced to work double shifts all weekend due to the weather and I'm out of that great jam and coffee that I bought while we were up in Door County.  I actually checked the websites for both a few weeks ago, but for what I'd pay in shipping it's just as well for me to drive!  The campground I called said they had 7 cancellations due to the thunderstorms this weekend.  It's only another 45 minutes to Egg Harbor from there and I can spend some quality time in Algoma itself...which is full of reproduction murals of old advertisements.

"Spend your weekend in northern Wisconsin" he says - downtown Bayfield

Car is already packed for camping, just have to check the forecast and throw some clothes in an overnight bag.  I figure I'll take my time heading up tomorrow and see what I can stop and do on my route up, spend Monday checking out Cave Point and Meridian County Parks in Jacksonport before I buy my Door County grocery items and then hit a few Post Office murals and maybe the City Hall in Milwaukee on the way home on Tuesday.

downtown Bayfield

I can taste the cherry jam already.  All I need is my spoon.