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Friday, August 8, 2014

Kicking Around Kewaunee

While we were in the Manitowoc area last month we took a drive to neighboring Kewaunee to see what it was like.  I had just got my iPhone the previous day and decided it was time to figure out how to use it as a camera.

The photo above is proof I am not vain, right?  I am most definitely not digging the saggy skin aspect of perimenopause, but have to get used to it so there it is for the whole world to see.  Still, we do love the hat and my new glasses, right?

Kewaunee has a tugboat you can tour for the bargain price of $1.  Proceeds go to help preserve the Tug Ludington, of course.  The tug was constructed for World War II and participated in the D-Day invasion of Normandy by towing ammunition barges across the English Channel.

After the war the tug was transferred to Kewaunee by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and assisted in the construction and maintenance of the many harbors of the Great Lakes.

The iPhone came in handy again when I got a snap of Wayne behind the wheel.  Katrina and Cory enjoyed the copy I sent them, and I was ushered into the technology of the new millennium...ta-da!

The City of Kewaunee officially acquired the tug in 1995 from the Federal Surplus Program.

There was a fishing derby in progress while we were there, and as we were leaving the tug and watching the boats going back and forth I suddenly remembered why the town of Kewaunee kept kicking around in my brain.  They have a U.S. Post Office mural! The building was right across the street, but I remembered a half hour too late and they were closed for the day.  Rats!

So instead we drove around some more and Wayne decided he needed to try to find a Geocache.  He crawled around under that tree and walked around that breakwater for a good 20 minutes to no avail.  He also tried to find one over by the tug, also without any luck.  I wandered around with my camera taking photographs like I do.

Cedar Waxwing

Evening Primrose
While the Bladder Campion below is considered a weed and doesn't flourish in spots with high quality soil, I still find its blooms rather pretty and its presence between the cracks in the rocks was a welcome distraction from Wayne rooting around in the bushes for trinkets.

We didn't get a close look at Kewaunee's lighthouse pictured with the Evening Primrose, perhaps when I return looking for that elusive Post Office mural someday.


  1. Ha Ha! Saggy skin and wrinkles are a fact of life. :)

  2. But the hat is very youthful Pam.

  3. I was very reluctant to use the camera in the iPhone when I inherited mine from my wife earlier this year. Its taken months but I respect it very much now. I've done several tests taking pictures with it and sticking them next to the same scene taken with my DSLR. It is really hard to tell any difference. Even my picky wife can't tell when looking at my blog. I do know it takes better pictures than my point and shoot and will use it more and more in the future. Poor little point & shoot will be neglected. As for the first photo...always be proud and hold your head high. Problem solved.

  4. Nice looking tugboat. Enjoy your new iphone!

  5. I hope Wayne checked for ticks after climbing around in the underbrush.

  6. Absolutely correct. We do love the hat and new glasses as well as the cedar waxwing and bladder campion