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Friday, October 3, 2014

Beverly Shores to Sunset Shores

Turns out that Sharon has a thing for trains, so we visited the Beverly Shores Depot and local museum.  Beverly Shores is where those Century of Progress homes are located that we visited.

The electric South Shore Line runs from Chicago to South Bend.  I found a link to great reproduction poster art at Amazon.  One of those posters was framed at the house we rented.

Unfortunately we arrived at the museum two minutes before it closed but it was very small and only a few minutes was needed.  Sharon bought some notecards and I looked over the Century of Progress homes and other Chicago Art Deco information displayed.

Sharon watching the train arrive

Getting to Chicago's museums from the South Shore is a lot easier than getting there from where I live.  I'm thinking about camping in Elgin and taking the train in from there.  It might have to wait until spring though, we'll be gone the next few weeks and then the fall temperatures might prove to be too extreme for tent camping.  But, who knows?

hazy Chicago skyline view from Indiana

In the meantime I have a few more sunset pictures to share from the shores of Lake Michigan.

Sharon and I walked from the rental house to the Indiana Dunes State Park to get a free look at the facilities.  The only trail we saw was the one from the bathhouse at the beach to the campground.

When we emerged at the campground I wasn't impressed.  The sites were kind of crowded.  It was not my scene.  The beach at the park wasn't my scene either, it was kind of crowded too.

But heading back from the state park we arrived back at the rental just in time to sit on the beach and enjoy a great sunset.  Without the crowds.

There are no crowds here this morning either.  Just me and my cup of Tazo decaf chai tea. 


  1. Nice sunset pics! Glad you girls are having fun.

  2. I love those sunset pictures, especially the first one. Just perfect.