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Monday, October 20, 2014

Meigs Trail and Meigs Falls

While everyone else was busy watching the Little River and the kayakers at The Sinks all I could think about was getting my feet up on Meigs Trail.  It starts right behind all those people standing out on that rock.

After all, I'd been cooped up all day due to the rain and it had finally stopped.

Wayne went with me for a few minutes but then said he wanted to go watch the water instead.

I checked my watch and started up the trail, vowing to keep my promise and keep it quick.  There were little waterways criss-crossing the trail that probably weren't normally there.

And waterways that looked a little more permanent making their way down the mountain to the Little River below.

What would a good hike be without fungi?  I spotted this one at the bottom of a "seep" next to the trail.

I had to keep my eyes open because there were a lot of exposed roots hiding under some of the leaves that would make for a nasty fall on this trail that climbed steadily up the mountainside.

I climbed for about 15 minutes and it seemed I was nearing a spot where the trail would level off but I turned around and made my way back to the parking lot to rejoin Wayne.  I got enough exercise to hold me over for the day.

After we got back in the truck and headed toward Townsend I made Wayne stop at the Meigs Falls turnout for a look.  I saw some pictures on the internet that looked like they were taken near the falls themselves so there must be a way back there unless they just crossed the river on foot.  Entirely possible at some other time perhaps.

I only have one more post from our short stay in the Smokies.  We got the phone call about Cory's accident on our way back to the RV but knowing that we couldn't get home in a flash anyway decided it wouldn't hurt to delay long enough to complete a scheduled hike with Sharon in before leaving.  Sharon and I are meeting in Kentucky soon, probably right after Thanksgiving so we'll get more hiking done then.

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  1. I'm working on finding the side trail to Meigs Falls. Another one of those "hidden" trails you pretty much have to find with someone who has been there before. I've heard several interpretations of where it is and have looked each time I've hiked this trail, but haven't found it yet! One of these days..............