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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The day that would not end

 Been on the road 11 hours already with only a handful of stops that were only a few minutes each.  We should be at our KOA in Clinton Tennessee right about now but we still have at least 2 hours to go.  We've never had a day with so many construction and other traffic related delays before!

The picture was from the current mess we're in for the last hour on 75 in Kentucky.  At one point I got out and went in the back to use the potty while Wayne stepped out to have a smoke.  We're in a spot where in the past hour we haven't even seen an exit and the GPS says there isn't one for another 8 miles.  Might as well be the moon!

I said to Wayne a few minutes ago "I bet next time I want to get a few hours under our belt the night before I'll get no arguments."  I dread tomorrow.


  1. Hard to look on the bright side in a situation like that. Good luck!

  2. The east is so crowded! There seems to be traffic everywhere. That long line of traffic at night looks painful.

  3. And I think we have problems in this country, I forget yours is bigger

  4. I know you can't do this with the RV, but now you know why I drive back roads! I-75 is always like that! I'm confused - I thought you weren't coming till next week. Are you heading to SC?