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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Schedules? Reservations? Why Bother?

Well, yesterday was apparently only the beginning.  After almost 2 hours to go less than 10 miles in Kentucky we finally checked in a little after 10 PM at the Clinton KOA.  A schedule is a loose thing to me in most cases, but yesterday's schedule was nothing compared to today's.  Here's my quick and easy review of the KOA in Clinton.  If I had known what we were getting for $42 I would never have bothered.

That fee was for electric and sewer and a tight space with no grass in site.   A shame too, because the area is gorgeous with lots of natural beauty that they just plowed down and poured gravel on top of.  And there was a Walmart a mile away where we could have parked for free.  We paid $42 to cook dinner and watch a DVD for a hour.  We're still learning, I guess.

Today we weren't on the road for an hour when the truck "threw out a code" that we've had before and thought we had fixed the problem.  It's related to the fuel pump and only happens when it's under stress, like pulling the RV up and down through the mountains.  So, we turned around and headed back to the dealership in Knoxville.  Most likely it will be a few days so we cancelled our reservations in South Carolina and hoped we could get a spot at Big Meadows in Townsend a week earlier than planned.

Site 35 - notice the lichens!

The folks here at Big Meadows are very accommodating and while we will be shuttled around a bit over the next two weeks we have a place to call home.  This park was recommended to us by Gene and Judi via Sharon and tonight we're very glad we have friends in Tennessee!  The sites are as generous as you're going to get out here with hookups and they really go out of their way to take care of your needs, for the same price range as what we paid for much less yesterday.

my view from the computer desk

So, now what?  So many hiking trails and no plans yet made!  I wonder what the rangers will suggest?


  1. Sorry the trip isn't as planned, but where you are IS much nicer than where you were...hope you can take advantage!

  2. I generally only stop in a KOA if it's an emergency. Way overpriced for cramped conditions has been my experience.

  3. One always has to be flexible and ready to formulate a plan B...C...D...etc. when on the road. I too have relegated KOA's to the "out of desperation" list. Walmart parking lots have for 90% of the time been my best spots for one-nighter's. Longer stays and when I need a shower I always search out the State, Federal and County parks. A nice little mom & pop RV park and little town community parks have served me well. County fairgrounds too have nice places to stay. Otherwise I try to stay away from the packed in like sardines RV parks even if they provide constant entertainment watching people trying to pull in, set up and take down.

  4. Sh*t happens as they say. You get places like you mentioned first over in the UK who are only just too happy to rip you off. Looks like you hav efound a noce site to waite while the truck is sorted out.

  5. I couldn't even place that KOA until all of a sudden it hit me that it's right behind the dealership where I bought my RAV4! Glad you're settled in at Big Meadows and can't say I'm sorry you'll be here for two weeks instead of just one. More fun!!

  6. I have a friend who says this about KOA - You can get better, but you can't get more expensive.