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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cade's Cove on Foot

So on Saturday while everyone else was driving around Cade's Cove we parked the truck at the picnic area and started exploring it on foot.

Cade's Cove Picnic Area

Wayne had slipped a bit on some wet wood and his back wasn't feeling too good.  All those treatments he got this time last year only gave him about 6 months relief.  That after a series of 3 treatments over the course of 5 or 6 months.  Not really worth it, right?

We walked to the riding stables and had a glimpse of the horses and the carriages.  Their trails were wet and muddy from all the rain, not to mention poopy from all the horses.  Not the best combination.

From there we walked back out to the road and started going the "wrong" way up the one way Cades Cove Loop Road.  It was very pleasant except when a group of cars would pass us, belching out their exhaust fumes in our faces.

But we did get to notice some things you just can't see from the seat of your car with your window rolled down.

Puffy fungus by the creek

We kept our eyes peeled for bear, but the only wildlife we saw after the turkeys was one squirrel.

The fungus above was a fun find.  Bear's Head Tooth Fungus  (Hericium americanum) is edible, can you believe that?  I think I'll leave that adventure to someone else.

I also spotted an orange jelly fungus, which was fun to look at, kinda like orange brains.

We walked for about an hour before turning around and heading back.  Wayne was surprised when I told him how long we'd been gone.  Time flies when you're looking at fungus and not finding bears.

mature Wolf's Milk slime mold

We went back later in the afternoon and after driving on the loop for a little while took the exit to Rich Mountain Road to escape the crowds.  I'll ha
ve to show you that later because the internet is too slow to load more pictures again. (sigh)  At least I won't fall too far behind, nothing happened today except a rainy day that led to shopping at the mall.  Hiking tomorrow, rain or shine!


  1. I like the pretty fall foliage pictures. We saw some nice aspens this year. I'll get around to posting them some day.

  2. We have an orange jelly-like fungus that looks like that called Witches Butter. That is one fungus name I can remember with ease.

  3. Do they still close the drive before 9 am so you can bike or walk in peace? That was great! Very cool fungus.

  4. Looks like you could have gotten yourself a takeaway as well. Fresh Turkey

  5. Sherry, they close the loop till 10 am on Weds and Sat between mid-May and mid-September for bikers and walkers. Yes, that is a wonderful opportunity to visit without the traffic, but already past for this year! I think I've walked every inch of Cades Cove and always find something new. You'll probably have to hunker down again on Tuesday, but after that, things are looking up and more like the typical October weather we locals love. It would be hard to convince you right now that October is our DRIEST month!

  6. Pretty place! I'd rather explore on foot than in a car anytime.

  7. We ended up on a couple of 'poopy trails' ... not fun ... but otherwise enjoyed exploring Cades Cove by car and on foot.

  8. Your photos are bringing back some fond memories of my own.....