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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hanging with the Deer on the Sauk Point Segment

After exploring Parfrey's Glen I picked up the IAT's Sauk Point segment trailhead in the same parking lot, this time keeping things lightweight and bringing only a bottle of water and my iPhone.

From the parking lot to the spur trail to Solum Lane it's a steady uphill 2 mile slog.  Were the deer saying to themselves "Look at that crazy human, why is she breathing so hard?"

Deer spying on me

The size of the Jack-in-the-Pulpits were pretty impressive, the leaves came up almost to my hips and the leaves themselves were larger than my  hands!

I was surprised to see a lot of Squaw Root, it flanked the trail for quite a distance.

The trail broke out into the open a couple of times, including just past the Solum Lane trail spur.  I turned around and went back down, 4 miles round trip was enough and sunset was coming fast.

Stay out of the grass- that's where the ticks are!

When I return to finish the segment I'll drive up Devil's Delight Road to Solum Lane and continue down the other side of the bluff.  Some folks on Facebook's Thousand Miler Wannabe group said they've taken their bikes down the road and had a wild ride, but I think I'll stick to using the car!

a few Mayapple blooms left

While staying at Devil's Lake State Park the town of Baraboo is where I go for any services.  After stopping at Walmart to get a cord for my laptop I headed over to the public library to plug in and toss up a quick post before they closed at five o'clock.

It was a Carnegie library, something I'm always pleased to see, and while it was small they had quite a collection of art hanging on the walls and even from the ceiling.  Baraboo received its Carnegie grant in 1902 to build their library and a small addition is all that has been needed since then.

After getting my electronic fix I looked for a food fix, settling on Vines for a scoop of soy ice cream and Monk's Bar for a turkey burger.  The soy ice cream wasn't as good as the stuff I've gotten at the grocery store unfortunately, and then further disappointment followed with the burger which was dry, tough and full of gristle.  Oh well, strolling around downtown in the beautiful weather was nice, and I enjoyed watching all the kids leaving the local martial arts class.

I only had to work on Monday this week and don't have to work until Monday again so of course I'm getting antsy and it's time for me to hit the road.  Think I'll head up to Door County and tackle the 13.7 mile Sturgeon Bay segment...and stock up on jam, of course!


  1. Looks like you spotted a couple of unusual plants on your hike! Hey, I travel uphill all the time - it's the only way you see anything in the Gorge!

  2. We are enjoying your blog and are headed to many of the places you have been posting about in Aug & Sept.

  3. Love the Squaw Root! We, also, enjoy finding Carmegie Libraries in so many towns.