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Friday, June 5, 2015

Slow Down, You Move too Fast

Yesterday I headed right out to Scaturo's Baking Company and Cafe in Sturgeon Bay to pick out my breakfast.  There was so much to choose from, but I went with the cinnamon roll that was almost as big as my head and then ate half with some leftover turkey bacon from my cooler.  I also picked up some of that cinnamon raisin bread and a muffin and sampled them later.  My opinion?  All was way too sugary, and I couldn't taste any cinnamon in the bread.  But they sure did look pretty!

 From there I drove to Carlsville and turned west on Carlsville Road just past Door County Coffee and Tea.  If using your GPS you should be able to find the lower trailhead parking lot by using the address 5451 Bay Shore Drive.

If you don't want to climb the bluff there is a trailhead on Reynolds Road also.

When you access the trail system from the below the Niagra Escarpment it parallels the bluff and cuts through a meadow.  Stay on the trail, in a lot of spots I saw a pretty good infestation of poison ivy!

poison ivy

My goal was to slow down and take my time.  The weather was cool and comfortable I had 3 days to explore some new areas in Door County, no need to rush.  I guess butterflies aren't bothered by the poison ivy, I saw quite a few of these little blue beauties.

Keep your eyes open and you'll see more than tiny butterflies.  Think there's nothing to see but a rotting log off to the side of the trail?  Look again!

Even though Canada Mayflower is small all on its own, slowing down and taking a closer look reveals hidden worlds.

Peek a boo!

From the trees to another meadow, and though the summer bloomers haven't made their appearance yet there are still a few things happening in the field and on the edge of it.

In fact, I walked through a section that looked like part of a prior owner's personal orchard.

apple blossoms?

Since I have so much time here in Door County I spent 2.5 hours wandering through the 2.5 miles of trails.  In that time the temperature rose 20 degrees and then it was time for a cup of soup at the Summer Kitchen in Sister Bay before my next adventure began.  They serve 5 different kinds of soup every day at a soup bar.  I can certainly vouch for their chicken and dumpling!

On my way to my next adventure I saw a new egg in Egg Harbor.  His name is Stegg.  Isn't he adorable?

No "Eggstravaganza" planned this year it appears.  But I had a battle with the mosquitoes ahead of me so I had to focus anyway....


  1. I was just thinking that the dessert I had a few days ago was way over the top in terms of sweet. I wonder if most folks eat so much sugar these days that it takes more and more for things to taste sweet to them. Love the pictures you got by slowing down. The blue butterfly and flowers are outstanding.

  2. Your pics are really cool, Pam. Nice to slow down and touch, see and smell everything there is out there, excepting skunks, of course.

    That bakery stuff looked yummy, but the goodies would probably make my teeth hurt!

  3. Pretty flower pictures. I really liked all the eggs. That Stegg is a cutie.