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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Repeating Scuppernong Springs?

I'm playing catch-up on blog reading (AGAIN) and a post that Mark wrote struck a chord with me.  In it he asks is it just him or are RV blogs being more like fruit cocktail, a little bland and repetitious?

White Campion, Scuppernong Springs

Same places, same observations, little new to say, I have been struggling with this phenomenon myself and have been blaming it on the fact that my "adventures" have lacked in true adventure lately...but I've been distracted by personal family issues that always feel too personal to share with the whole world also.  No lack of excitement there, but not necessarily the kind that makes for interesting reading.  No one wants to hear about our doctor appointments or petty arguments, it's about as interesting to those not involved as grocery shopping or laundry.

Hoary Puccoon and Spiderwort make good companions

Of course there has been no end to the array of adventures I've had in losing things lately.  Did I mention I lost a brand new Columbia hoodie when I recently went to Door County?  I'm not sure whether to blame the sudden string of disappearances on advancing age related memory problems or the fact that it's possible I'm just carrying too much crap around with me these days.  Remember when I was content to have a sleeping bag and a tent and a lightly packed camera bag?  No wonder I keep losing things, the list of gear I'm toting around now is kind of embarrassing.

The lovely Pink Prairie Rose was a new one for me

I didn't bring anything except my iPhone on a recent trip to Scuppernong Springs with my co-worker on our day off.  I might have just walked the trail 2 months ago but it felt like I was somewhere completely different with all the different plants, especially in the hilly area above the springs. I was extra careful when we got to the spring where I had dropped my iPhone just two months ago.  That bit of carelessness ended up costing me $150.00.  And my recent hike where I lost my car key resulted in a lot of water exposure to its replacement so hopefully I won't be repeating replacing it.

Recent news in the blogosphere from others has me thankful that these are the kinds of things I have to complain about.  Aside from some minor aches and pains I have my health and am grateful for it and want to continue to capitalize on it while I can.  Money is not something that is an issue for us at this time in our life either.  The unsung benefit of not being "young" anymore!

Finding fresh inspiration is tough, which is a reason I started reading more again.  Hopefully I'm inspiring someone else at least until mine kicks in again.  Anyone know what the flower colony above in the middle of the springs is?


  1. I always find your posts inspiring! You don't just describe your day; you go out exploring on all your little adventures!

  2. You know what we need to do to combat the repetitious doldrums, the blandness of our blogs? I do. Go on an adventure in an exotic, exciting place. Of course that might cost a bit of cash, but a trip like that would certainly not be dull (or shouldn't be!). Meanwhile, we slog along, doing what we can. Right now my life is less than exciting, as I "take care of" my husband with his new knee. I like flowers and birds, and that usually has me coming back for more! :- )

  3. Since I thoroughly enjoy the outdoors, hiking, and nature, I find your posts on your time hiking a great read. I love looking at your wildflowers, rocks, trees, and the very cool lichen and fungi you always find very interesting. I tend to skip over blog posts that just ramble with "deep" thoughts and mundane daily routines we all do. So I guess what it comes down to is we all have a different reason for reading various posts:) Keep writing!