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Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Trail Less Traveled at Whitefish Dunes and Dreaming of Exotic Places

I've talked about Whitefish Dunes State Park on the blog a couple of times, and I'll admit to favoring it over the more popular Penninsula State Park in Fish Creek.

With all my hopping around the state lately I kind of missed the Trillium blooming so seeing them at Whitefish Dunes last week was a real treat.  They were at peak and there were a ton of them near the parking lot and nature center.

Also in abundance right at the trailhead was Early Meadow Rue, its tiny tassel-like flowers shimmering in the breeze off Lake Michigan.

I decided to take the less traveled Black trail which briefly passes through the neighboring county park.  Highlights included lots of Wild Sarsaparilla and slabs of limestone practically paved the trail.

Wild Sarsaparilla blossoms

There was also some ferns that were airy and delicate, a few Starflower blooming, and evidence of large patches of Wood Betony that have already shed their yellow petals.

This is the last (finally) of my recent Door County photos, but more Wisconsin wandering is on the horizon, including a trip in the fifth wheel to Hudson next week with Wayne.


In my last post I talked about a seeming lack of adventure in my travels lately and Nickie mentioned exotic travel locations as a way to spice things up, which made me think of my exotic travel "wish list".  Since Wayne doesn't like to fly who knows when or if I will go to any of these places, but I do have a few places I'd love to explore if the opportunity arose and here they are in no particular order:
(Let me know if you're looking for a travel companion to any of the same places I want to go!)

Puerto Rico
Ireland, England and Scotland
Rome and Pompeii
Machu Pichu
Paris, Lyon and Carcassonne in France

And I just discovered there is a museum in Chicago I've never heard of on the University of Chicago campus called the Oriental Institute which looks like it has some amazing pieces.  No airfare needed!  Katrina and her boyfriend are going to Chicago this weekend, but I'll save a trip to the city for cooler days.  I actually have concocted a plan to camp in a suburban area with easy access to a shorter train ride so I can explore some of the museums and architecture over a couple of days, and who knows, maybe by the time I get around to it Wayne will come along too!

What exotic locations are you dreaming of exploring?

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  1. Hi Pam ... fun reading about wish lists, and your list is interesting. I've always wanted to visit "down under," and lately I've been reading so much about Prague and Croatia, so they're on mine. Visiting my heritage counties of Scandinavia, esp in high summer, along with Iceland and even Greenland are way up on the list, as well as the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador. We cruised down to Chile in Dec 2013 and then played for a couple of weeks there. But, this October we're flying to the Mountain Kingdoms of the Himalayas! Wow -- what an adventure that will be! Hopefully, Jimmy's new knee will be up to that!