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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mishicot Cemetery - A Little Germanic History on the Ice Age Trail

I tried to tackle the Mishicot segment last week while in nearby Door County.  I started off in town,making my way to the river on the residential streets.

The Rockway Bridge looks old from the outside, but once inside it isn't hard to see it's true age.  The base is concrete, poured in 1925.  The covered exterior may possibly be salvaged boards, but the inside is brand spanking new complete with electricity and plywood.

Still, it evokes the feeling of a different time when life was slower, and provides a lovely view.

Just down the street is the Mishicot Cemetery, where the earliest remaining monument is from 1837. The village was officially founded in 1844 and was named after a leader of the Potawatomi.

The early settlers of Mishicot came from many countries, including Germany, Bohemia, Switzerland and Canada.  Most of the older stones I photographed seemed to be engraved in German.

From the cemetery I tried to find where the Ice Age Trail picks up again off Pit Road.  I drove back and forth 3 times, seeing the blaze at the beginning of the road but not where it turns off into the woods.  I even tried going to where the end of the segment was supposed to be but couldn't find a trail blaze near there either.  If I'm in the area again another time maybe I'll try to contact someone on the Alliance and maybe it will be better signed in the future.

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