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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Spin Around Clarksville and Jeffersonville

After ending up in Clarksville by accident I realized it looked like I could make my way over to the Colgate clock, something I've wanted to do for quite awhile but my plans always seem to get thwarted.  And hey, I spelled that right on the first try so bonus points for using thwarted and spelling it correctly!

Colgate clock, from intersection of Center and Woerner Streets

The clock is the second largest timepiece in the world, measuring over 40 feet across.  And even though it has been atop this building since 1924 it is still working!  I know the plant was in danger of destruction at one point so who knows if it will make it to one hundred years.

From there it was a hop, skip and a jump over to another stop I have wanted to make for a long time and that is the Falls of the Ohio State Park.  The 390-million-year-old fossil beds are among the largest, naturally exposed, Devonian fossil beds in the world.

notice the tiny people in the distance

I had great timing as the water was really low and I got to walk out and spot a lot of fossils.

horn coral

I didn't look hard enough up closer to the interpretive center which is apparently where all the good stuff is, but I enjoyed walking out as far as I could and trying to guess what I was looking at.

Normally I would get more information at the interpretive center but there was a $9 admission charge which I was unwilling to pay knowing I would be back with Wayne some time in the future.  He would definitely like having a look around.

The lobby had what looked to be some Chihuly glass hanging from the ceiling.  Score!

From the park I just had to cross a few roads along the river to Jeffersonville.

Their historic district featured painted crosswalks and unique bike racks, but the real crowd pleaser is Schimpff's Confectionary.  I liked the free lemon drop sample so much I bought a bag to go home and their chocolate was pretty good too.

I bought a little candy for everyone back home and then drove around looking for public art.

Not a window!

Painted kitties were not the only mural I found, the Jeffersonville Floodwall sported quite a few and one was in progress.

Next up I'll update where those who support civil rights should be spending their money this holiday season and beyond, I found a few surprises on the list this time around!


  1. Knew I'd heard of the place
    Looks like a very nice area tovist with some great murals

    1. A little research indicates the song is actually about Clarksville, Tennessee and going off to the Vietnam war. Who knew?

  2. That's one giant clock! Hope it stays in place and the building doesn't get demolished. The transportation engineer in me loved the chicken in the crosswalk striping!