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Monday, November 7, 2016

Lukey's Boat in St. John's

We were only on The Rock for a week, but in that time I searched out new things to do in St. John's.  In addition to eating our way around town, buying some Newfoundland themed gifts at Downhome on Water Street and stocking up on Davids Tea at Avalon Mall I also wandered into an art exhibit at the Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador on Duckworth Street.

While there I took note of the hooked rugs on display, a craft tradition I was not aware of in the province until my sister in law mentioned having to go help set up a display of her mother's rugs at a small museum.

My new favorite artist in Newfoundland though is Cara Kansala of the Grumpy Goat Gallery.

Her whimsical portrayal of Newfoundland traditions and scenes is right up my alley, and I was really tempted to buy one of her acrylics which was for sale at the Madrock Cafe.  You can also enjoy her art for free on the side of the Newfoundland Chocolate Company building.

Lukey's Boat is painted green!

Lukey's boat is a traditional Newfie song I remember singing on our visits home when I was a child, and never fails to make me smile.  See if you agree and click on the live version below!  Linking up to Monday Mural.

Don't forget to vote tomorrow!! Want to know if there are any referendums on your local ballot?  Google "view my ballot" and make sure you untangle any wording issues ahead of time!

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  1. The hooked rugs are utterly charming as is the huge mural. I love that everyone in the audience was singing along with the group. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.