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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Just Like the Old Days - First Beach and Sheep

It's not a trip home without a visit to First Beach.  Normally I tackle the walk up Old Settlement Hill and then back down the gravel road to First Beach but this time I hitched a ride with my Uncle Ronnie on his ATV instead.

It turned out to be a good thing since the weather was fair when we left but moments after arriving at the beach the clouds and drizzle came in.

Before we left Ronnie showed me some ammunition someone found down on the beach.  From those big guns down in Argentia perhaps?  Metal detectors in this area might be a fun way to pass the time.

Back from our jaunt to the beach we headed out back to see the sheep he is currently tending for someone else.  My Grandad always had sheep when I came to visit, and it always makes me happy that I wasn't the only one who ended up being drawn to them.

For those new to my blog you can read about how my Grandad influenced my desire to be a hobby farmer by clicking here.

The sky was still threatening rain but we continued on to a patch of cranberries growing right out at the edge almost down to the cliffs.

We didn't get very many before it started raining, though we did get enough for my Nan to make some jam out of it.  Bit of bad luck there as it was my only attempt at berry picking this year except the handfuls of blueberries that went right into my greedy gob.

Beautiful berries hiding in the grass

I think next time I go home to Newfoundland I'll get Ronnie to take me up the hill and over to Argentia instead of down to First Beach.  Maybe we'll see some moose!  In the meantime I just have to put on my calendar a reminder to pester him in the spring to get me some of those carrot and rutabaga seeds so I can grow them myself.  Though somehow I doubt they will taste the same, ya know?


  1. Watched the vedeo earlier and at first thought you were riding a bike the realised you were on the back of a quad. Nice liitle tour

  2. I never knew you used to be a farmer! The things we learn about our blogging buddies. :) Cute pics of the sheep.