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Monday, March 11, 2019

Bonds, Bail Bonds

Been super busy lately, as you might have noticed by my complete disappearance act from blogging.

Our house is on the market, and I've been nailing down what direction I want to take in our new home when we move in a few short months.

We have been downsizing our possessions because everything we are taking has to fit in a 16 foot trailer which has to be towed 3000 miles and then loaded onto the ferry to Newfoundland.

The good news there is we won't be having to utilize a storage unit like the one pictured here that is covered in murals which I happened upon in Indiana a few months ago.  And since we have our little home on wheels that will also be coming with us we won't have to rush our remodel on the home we most likely are purchasing in the next few weeks.  Don't give up on me, once work is done and we have hit the road in 6 weeks I'll be back to blogging more regularly!

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