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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Birthday View

I can't remember if I've ever been in Newfoundland on my birthday before.  I kind of didn't know what to do! Wayne was off to New Brunswick to pick up our trailer full of furniture for our move next week, and the sun was out so I had to figure something out on my own.

A walk on Castle Hill sounded grand!  Nothing like a view of Placentia on a sunny day from there!

I talked my Aunt Agatha into joining me for a quick walk around, nothing like being able to say "for my birthday" to get people to do what you want them to.

So excited that I left my sunglasses in the car!

After our short walk on Castle Hill it was back to the campground where another walk in Argentia was how I wanted to spend my time before supper.

It's been warm (for Newfoundland) so the plants are coming back and things are greening nicely.

Strawberry blossoms everywhere,
lawns are full of them!

Want to know which way the wind is blowing?  Check the "Moldow" hanging from the trees.  No need to have a flag when nature provides.

Stay out in the open or follow the fork into the trees?  You know which path I chose.

 I was careful on the vegetation covered rocks as I made my way down the hill in the fading light, but I saw a familiar beacon that I couldn't resist.

 A view of the Isaacs and the discovery of a new path?  What a gift for the birthday girl!

Not wanting to go further without more supportive hiking boots I had to turn and go back the way I came after enjoying the view for awhile.

 One last look...

...and then it was time to get a cup of tea and a piece of cake with my mother-in-law.  Lovely end to a lovely day!