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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Also Seen

This is my last post from our recent trip.  There was  a smattering of photos that didn't really belong anywhere, but had their own stories to tell so they wound up here.

Seen on a fence at the Roaring Fork exit
While in Cosby we searched out the Carver's Apple Orchard.  They were very busy, but all I bought was a jar of jam.  I can't resist, it's a sickness.  I would've bought that large metal rooster pictured below if he was for sale!

One thing we noticed while in the Smokies was quite a few Amish visiting.  Not only did we see them on the hiking trails, but shopping downtown Gatlinburg as well.

5 young men and one young lady on Chimney Tops trail

This botanical specimen I saw quite a lot on the ground.  I don't know what tree or shrub it belonged to, but something about its shape kept snagging my eye.

While in Townsend we stopped into a wood carver's shop.  There was  a lot to see there!

Cory was the one who pointed out that the "man" figure was probably a "gearhead".  Ahhh...makes sense now!

In Gatlinburg there are a lot of artisans at work, and we saw this woman carving a couple of different days that we walked through town.  Farther out from the main drag is the Arts and Crafts Community, a loop road near our campground that is 8 miles long and has shops for 120 different craftsmen.  We took a quick look through, but we're not shoppers so I'd say we were out in less than 20 minutes.  I did like the fall version of Santa at the Santa's Klaus-et.

Can't visit Gatlinburg without buying some moonshine at the Smoky Mountain Moonshine shop.

Wayne was tempted to buy this, but I talked him out of it. 

We did buy one other thing besides the moonshine.  We finally got a sign for our campsite!

I'm rocking the one-glove-and-pajamas look in this photo.  Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!

I have 11 mural posts in reserve, 1 video I have to cobble together from our hike to Chimney Tops and I've started some "flashback" posts of our 2009 trip but am now otherwise all caught up.  The weather here has been horrendous - lots of wind, cold and rain.  The forecast for the next 10 days shows highs ranging from 19 to 47.  You'd think it was December instead of November here this year.  Hopefully I'll get out soon and get some more blogworthy photos.  I'm jealous of my fellow bloggers who are exploring the desert, you know who you are!


  1. Looks like you're trying to give Donna Cave some competition in the ensemble category. ;)

  2. No I'm afraid I would have had the two bugs and snail they looked great. To the Amish go on holidays then? Moonshine I know all about having experienced it down in Florida all I can say was it was real Smmoooooth

  3. Thanks for sharing all the unusual and fun sights from your trip. And for being brave enough to post a photo of yourself in PJs. :)

  4. Last post of the trip? What about the Wheels Through Time Museum? Did you not go? I've been waiting ever so patiently for your report on it.

  5. Love the pajama look! Happy to say I was back out on the trail today with my friends Gene & Judi. We talked about my day with you. Interesting about seeing the Amish folk...not sure I've ever seen any on a trail in the Smokies. BTW, saw the biggest pile of FRESH bear scat today I've ever seen on a trail. I would've croaked if I'd seen a pile like that on the hike with just you and me! There were three of us and we made a lot of noise for a while, but never saw the source of the scat! Let's just say that's one bear that had been eating quite well!

  6. Very original works by the artisans of the area!

  7. I want some of those wooden crates from the apple orchard, I love your new sign, and I'm sorry your trip is over. I really loved all the posts.

  8. I found you through Sharon's blog. We love to travel although we don't have an RV......yet:( But I can always dream.
    The Smoky Mountains is our favorite vacation spot so I enjoyed looking at your photos.