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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cades Cove

A trip to the Smokies wouldn't be complete without a drive through Cades Cove.

This lush valley used to be home to a thriving population and includes three churches along the 11 mile auto loop.  We didn't stop last year but we popped into one this year.  The graveyard was more interesting to me than the church, though the stack of rocks acting as the foundation for the building surprised me in that it has held up for so long.

Also located along the drive are other settlements including homes, barns, and even a grist mill.

Lots of deer and turkey to be seen in the valley, but unlike last year's visit we didn't spot any bear.  Last year we also stopped and hiked the Abram's Falls Trail which originates in Cades Cove.  Check out the Great Smoky mountains NP link at the bottom of this post for all our past posts about GSMNP.

This lovely doe strolled out in front of us on the gravel side road in to the church.

The later it gets in the day the more likely you will be to see wildlife.  Of course, don't expect to be the only one who knows that fact.


  1. Now your teasing me with one of your churches and churchyards, I love wantering round the places as you can see from my other blog. What awesome contryside to visit.

  2. Nice shot of the deer. Beautiful countryside, and looks like lots of history too.

  3. A nice homestead site, I could retire there when I've worn out my hiking legs...just sit on that porch and rock, baby :)
    Box Canyon Mark