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Sunday, November 3, 2013

STAY AWAY From Clarksville KOA!

The title of this post says it all.  Forget about the fact that the GPS routed us down a road that had a bridge that was only 10 feet high.  Is it a problem to back a giant fifth wheel up to the nearest place to turn around?  Luckily it wasn't that far and the road was deserted.  It could have been ugly.  All this right off the interstate, we could literally see it the whole time we're circling trying to find this place.  We get to the campground, right off the next interchange and discover that it is not only next to the railroad line, which we knew about ahead of time, it's in an industrial district.  Seriously, I don't even have words for how sketchy this place looked.  Even where you pull in wasn't big enough for larger RVs, and then when they directed us through the gate into the partially hidden park I about had a heart attack.  I turned to Wayne and said, "No way are we staying here, I'm going back for a refund."  The sites were billed as pull through for $46, yes $46, and it was literally just a series of parking slots.  All concrete and pavement throughout, warped, cracked and with a big dip as you exit your site which by the way we would have had to unhook from so I don't know how they can call it a pull through.  The only thing they had going for them is that they didn't give us a hassle about a refund.  I told Wayne I didn't care if we had to drive the whole way home and got there at midnight.  I borrowed the image below from the internet so you can see what I'm talking about.  This is literally it, surrounded by junkyard fence.


Luckily we had a Plan B of sorts.  We had looked at an Indiana State Park just up the road called Hardy Lake but the website was a little unclear about the site dimensions.  The pictures looked to me like we would fit, and we needed to find a place to dump at the very least so we headed there otherwise I would have driven straight home or stayed in a Walmart parking lot.

There are quite a few rather large sites, we're in #51 and we didn't even have to unhook!  There is still a touch of fall color here in southern Indiana and no one seems to know this beautiful park exists because it's only about 20% full on a Saturday night, all for only $27.82.  Score!

Hunting season is underway here, we've heard a few gunshots.  All the area around the campground is in the "safety zone" and we went for a great bike ride which I'll talk about in a separate post.  The turkey vultures are loving it, here's a shot of them as we can see them from our campsite for you to enjoy like we did last night!


  1. Your review sounds consistent with others.

  2. Shocking that the place in Clarksville is a KOA - they usually have higher standards. I think you made the right move!!

  3. What a rip-off! Glad your found a better place... but I'd take a Wal-Mart any day rather than that KOA

  4. Sounds like you made the right choice. The Indiana State Park looks much nicer. I'm happy to hear that you and Sharon got together. So nice to hear of bloggers meeting live and in person. Maybe someday I'll get to hike with both of you. :)

  5. I can see why you did not stay, it looked a right dump but your not the only places has them we do as well. You seemed to have found the good place though.

  6. I've generally shied away from KOAs over the years. They seem overpriced for what you get. KOA or the Walmart across the highway? I'd do Walmart every time. I will say the mothership KOA in Billings Montana was wonderful and I'd stay there again. For the most part you can't go wrong with State Parks. Army Corps Engineer (ACE) are great too for I get to use my old person's card and get half off just like at Federal Parks.