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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Little River Road

The Little River Road winds through the Great Smoky Mountain National Park from the Sugarlands Visitor Center to Cades Cove and was originally a railroad roadbed.  This is where you find the trailhead for Laurel Falls as well as the parking lot to check out The Sinks which we skipped on this visit but enjoyed on our other trip out here.

We stopped into Elkmont Campground while driving the Little River Road and decided that when we get a generator in the future we would definitely like to camp there.  We're thinking about diving into investing in one in 2015 before we take that trip out to Glacier National Park so we can stay in the park which has no hookups.

There are a lot of small bridges on this road as the Little River twists and turns, but we got out to investigate only one.  It was a cutie, and we had it all to ourselves.


  1. Thats a small bridge!! what is a big one like.

  2. Love the old stone bridge overgrown with vegetation. What a pretty area!