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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pinnacle Overlook

Two days after we arrived in Corbin the fall color was way past peak.  We got here on what was probably the last day to see anything decent, it appears.  I'm thankful we got to see what we did, and that we got an opportunity to swing back by the Cumberland Gap National Historic Site even though the fall color was past peak.  We drove up to the Pinnacle Overlook for a look around.  The road full of switchbacks opened to the public in 1929.

The view at the top is one of the best I've ever seen!  The lookout itself is located in Virginia, overlooking the gap that separates Tennessee and Kentucky.

While we were walking back to the car I saw a sign for a trail that wound down to a parking area about halfway down the mountain.  I told Wayne I'd meet him there and headed into the woods to try to capture some of that fading fall color.

The trail was carpeted with a beautiful assortment of leaves, but I had to watch my footing since they covered up rocks, roots and at times even the direction of the trail itself.

As I neared the end I saw some man made stone structures a little ways off the trail and popped over for a peek.

Cumberland Gap was an important spot during the Civil War years, both armies fighting for control of the area.  Only one railroad crossed the Appalachian Mountains and linked the two largest Confederate armies.  Troops, ammunition and food was funneled from one side of the Confederacy to the other here.  It wasn't usable as an invasion route, but obviously controlling supply routes could be critical.

In the parking area where I met Wayne there was a small stairway that led to a cannon.  The cannon was made in 1861.  If you want to know more about the history of the area I found a good link here.

We also drove through the park's campground and declare it a winner.  It's first come, first serve only, but does have electric hookup and we're looking forward to coming back and camping and hiking here.

On our way out we saw a lot of police vehicles in the park and on the highway, as well as signs on the roadside warning that vehicles could be stopped for search.  A drug K-9 vehicle was also on the side of the road.  Something going on in the area we don't know about??


  1. That "one of the best I've ever seen" photo is truly get above the forest enough to see the trees :)
    Box Canyon

  2. Looks like a great area to come back to explore more as you said.

  3. That overlook is stunning! For being "past peak" the leaves looked pretty good to me. You got some great shots.

  4. That was worth going to and the walk well worth the time taken to walk down. Look forward to seeing your return photos

  5. Sometimes it is best that we are ignorant of what is happening. But we do need to be vigilant. Often, I just walk, taking in beautiful nature.

  6. great travels you have and wonderful scenery to enjoy; tfs Pam

  7. I've been hearing a mention of Cumberland Gap on some song lately, and now I know what it refers to! (my knowledge of Civil war history is sketchy at best, sadly). It is tricky to get the best of the fall colours, but the view is stunning.

  8. Wow! Now I see what we missed when we were there 2-1/2 years ago in February. All we saw was fog and ghostly deer. You can see the photos here:


  9. Bookmarking this area - I love Civil War stuff and I want to see that canon and that little stone structure.