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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day Breakfast in Menominee

We drove up to the U.P. to spend Christmas Day with Katrina.  After a ham dinner we watched "Christmas Vacation" and opened presents.  There's a hat story, but I'll save that for tomorrow's post.  As for this morning, no way were any of us cooking breakfast on Boxing Day!  Off we went to the Serving Spoon in Menominee, Michigan on First Street.

Wayne didn't care for their corned beef hash, but I thought their bacon and french toast were great.  They even poached eggs the correct way, always a rare treat!  But before we went in and ordered I wandered down the block with my camera.  You know how dangerous that can be.

The wreaths on the Spies Public Library were what caught my eye in the first place as we drove down the street, very festive when you added in the berries left behind on the tree out front.  The Spies Library was not a Carnegie Library, but was  built by the same Chicago firm that did many of them and was a donation from Mr. Augustus Spies.   I found this lovely postcard on the internet featuring the Beaux Arts building.

Just down the block is the Commercial Bank Building, of which I found no useful historical information on the internet.  Bummer.

A little searching dug up a link for this postcard from  1914 which shows part of the Commercial Building.  It's the white one to the right.

And on the corner is the First National Bank which was built in 1908.  From the looks of the postcard below I should've have walked around the side of the building, not to mention gone inside.  Next time, right?

The First National Bank today.  Fancy shmancy!

No time for major exploring though, it was just a quick, curious stroll up the street and then back while waiting for the grandparents to join us for that breakfast out before Katrina had to go to work and we all had to drive home.  Tomorrow I'll tell you my hat story.


  1. Was that hot chocolate in the last photo, it looked nice

  2. that's a pretty decadent looking mug of .... in the finale photo Pam. How lovely to have breakfast out like that on Boxing Day, and the photo shoot and all; you did well! Enjoy.

  3. Oh my, whipped cream with chocolate.....yum!

  4. The buildings are nice, but I'm eyeing that hot chocolate......cute mug too!