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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

From Bog to Prairie

I'd never taken that spur off the Tamarack Trail at Volo Bog because I didn't think it really led anywhere since it veered toward the road that surrounded the bog.  After going around the curve I discovered that it crossed the road!

After crossing the road I found myself in a prairie habitat with lots of decaying wildflowers.  Who says decay isn't beautiful?

There are two different trail loops through the prairie.  I walked to the edge of the Prairie Ridge Trail but after a few minutes turned around and decided to save it for another day.  I bet all that grass with the ring of trees would be really nice on a sunny summer day so I'll go back.  Quite a difference from the bog habitat across the road.

Instead I took the short Deerpath Loop that meandered through the tree spotted prairie.  The area had enough trees to provide some visual interest without being heavily forested.  It was also an area that was open to bow hunters for deer season so I kept my eyes open for deer stands but didn't see any.

One of the nice things about the trees being bare is that it's easy to spot fungi and lichen.  I saw a few nice ones that I'll share in the next post.  Today I'm off for a few errands including a stop at the post office to mail my Christmas cards.  Got to get those ones to Newfoundland out early or they don't make it in time!  Since I'm heading in to Kenosha I'll post them there and finally get a look at their New Deal mural...


  1. Spectacular photos. They would make amazing prints in a monochromatic design.......or in a neutral RV!! Thank you for sharing.

  2. a lovely walk along a new path; enjoyed your photographs very much

  3. After all those photos from your travels it now looks like winter at last, I can even feel the damp

  4. Love your opening shot! The fog really makes the mood in that photo. Glad to see you got outdoors!

  5. Exploring new paths lets you find all kinds of new subjects for your pics. Great job.

    Hunting season? I hope you're wearing bright orange or red out there!!

  6. Wow, I had a lot of posts to et caught up with today. Your close up photos are great!