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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Let It Snow

Better snow than ice, I always say.  Friday we had so much ice on the driveway that it took me an hour and a half to scrape it all off so I could go to work.

Saturday wasn't as bad, but the streets were still iffy as the temps continued to hover around freezing and the sky continued to send down just enough rain to be dangerous.  It was Wayne's birthday, so we waited long enough for the salt trucks to get out there and then went to the store to exchange the gift I got him and to finish up his Christmas exchange shopping.

I had bought him a Hamilton Beach one cup coffee maker and the filter clogged immediately when we used it for the first time.  At TJ Maxx we got this great Kitchenaid model for only $49.99.  I made the first cup for myself this morning and it worked great!  I did not eat the goodies from Trader Joe's this morning...yet.  Hey, I bought salad and oranges too!

I've talked about my tree a few times, so here it is.  It reflects our love of the outdoors with woodland critters and this year I gave it a new look with some different ribbon and some big sparkly balls and snowflakes for around $40.  Have you seen the story about the woman who advertised on Cragslist for a family Christmas?

When I woke up this morning it was to snow and not ice.  We're supposed to get 4-8 inches of heavy, wet snow today, always better to get on a Sunday than a workday.  I suspect a few kids will be making snowmen this afternoon.  I was lucky enough to spot our neighbor's granddaughter come out and plunk down in the snow to make a snow angel and I just happened to have the camera in my hand already.

Awwww! Now where is that cup of coffee and that chocolate cranberry roll from Trader Joe's?


  1. Lovely tree. That link you posted about the woman who wanted to rent a family for Christmas was timely.
    It is almost an extension to my blog. What a unique solution to a sad time for some.

  2. Mmmmm.....there's nothing better than holiday goodies from Trader Joes! They are not safe in my house. I'm so jealous you got snow. Our mountains are woefully short of snow. I've skied twice but our ski areas need lots more!

  3. Your tree is beautiful! I always said I loved snow as long as I didn't have to go out in it. Cool it came on Sunday for you.

  4. We're getting snow too. Yeah!! We've worked all week so I'm happy, happy, happy!!

  5. how beautiful the scene from your window Pam. Enjoy the warmth is such a contrast the hot and humid east coast of Australia. Your snowy photos help me feel a little cool!

  6. It looks cold, really cold, where you are. Great photos.

  7. This weather is still better than what the Newfies back home are getting.