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Friday, December 27, 2013

One Hat, Two Hat, Red Hat...Well, you get the idea

The thing about a gift exchange is you never know what the other people might dream up.  Katrina scored with a lobster knit hat for Cory.  He can't wait to see if it increases his tips while delivering pizza.

What we didn't know was that Wayne would get him a hat too!  His was black and white plaid with furry ear flaps.  Cory liked them so much he decided to wear both at the same time.

Then he stole Katrina's fingerless gloves that she got from Grandma.  He's secure enough in his masculinity not to be bothered by a little pink yarn on the edges.  Great for texting.

Now Katrina was gloveless, but not sockless since I bought her two pairs back when we were in the Smokies.  Two of her feminist heroes, hiding under the hem of her pants as she goes about her day.  One of them was Frida Kahlo, remember how excited I was about her photography exhibit last week?  More to come on that another day....

Pumpkin couldn't be left out of the Hat-Fest.  It took three humans to adorn his head.

He was mad.  But a cute mad.

Katrina and her festive little furry friend

We didn't make him wear the hat for long and he quickly forgave us when we started swinging things in front of him.  Ah, the simple life of a cat.


  1. I'd give Cory a tip if he came to my door with a pizza - "ditch that hat"! Ha, ha!

    Looks like you had a fun Christmas.

  2. I have a load of different color has I wear. Did not look like the cat was having fun, looked well piss*d off

  3. Love the lobster hat! And it looks like Cory was a better sport about wearing hats than Pumpkin. But who doesn't love a photo of a cat wearing a costume of some sort?

  4. Love that hat... but would love to see a photo of those stockings/socks (on the hoof, so to speak). Pumpkin didn't look too happy ;-)