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Monday, December 9, 2013

Kenosha Post Office Mural

Somehow Kenosha got onto my list of Post Office locations for New Deal murals.  Looking back to my online resource I see Kenosha is not listed so I don't know how it happened.  

Kenosha's Post Office does, however, have a mural, just not a New Deal one.

Just not the same, is it?  Oh, well, that'll teach me to double check my information before hitting the road.  Double checking saved me some trouble when we were down in Tennessee.  The mural that is normally in Newport is on loan to the Daughters of the Revolution museum.  Don't forget to see the other murals at Mural Monday.

Well, heading to downtown Kenosha wasn't a wasted trip.  I had Christmas cards to mail, and the County Courthouse was just across the street so I walked over to see the reported mural there.  Check back tomorrow for the photos!


  1. No worry I will. The murals don't look that bad

  2. That's cool that the post offices back there have murals. I don't think any of the post offices here have them. (That I know of)