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Thursday, December 5, 2013

There is a Right Answer

One of the best things about the bare trees this time of year is the ability to spot fungi and lichens while out hiking.  I found a surprising amount of both while at Volo Bog the other day.

Looking at lichen close up always amazes me.  When one of the episodes of "The Big Bang Theory" explored the topic of lichens I was thrilled! They discuss lichens for the first two minutes in the video link below.  You won't get the post title unless you watch the video.  It was pure Sheldon Cooper at his best... I dare you not to laugh.

I don't think the lichens were "snacking on the sunlight" on my foggy visit!

The fungi were plentiful thanks to the moist habitat around the bog and I even found some orange ones growing on a log.

I liked these last ones because I thought they looked like little ice cream cones!  One of these days I'll have to get a good book on the topic so I can wow you all with my knowledge.  For now I'll have to be satisfied with finding them and enjoying them for their visual impact.

I took my camera to Kenosha with me yesterday.  I got at least a week's worth of posts while out running my errands!  There was fog all day again, but still better than the weather today because the wind and cold are back with a vengeance.  You're going to hate me when I say this, but my cards are mailed, my shopping is done, my 5 family gifts and my 6 neighbor gifts are wrapped and today my tree will be decorated.  Take comfort in the fact that Mother Nature will be taking her fury out on us all weekend so all I'll be left with is laundry and dusting.


  1. enjoyed your nature shots Pam, especially those curly fungis

  2. Well your punishment is to take a few photos out of your window so we can see how bad it is. I love the fungus and lichen photos

  3. Nice macros of the fungi. You're all done with Christmas?? Oh man, I haven't even started! But I'm going skiing this weekend - shopping can wait!

  4. Oh you got my attention on this post. I love those ice cream cone fungi. I have nothing like that here or at least haven't come across it yet.

  5. great pictures - love that first one!