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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Card-A-Palooza

Last year I meant to make homemade cards, this year I meant to make homemade cards...I finally got around to it, just a little late to send out this year. Everyone gets one next year!

I don't print photos anymore thanks to the wonders of the digital age and have a ton of scrapbooking supplies lying around unused. Trying to come up with innovative Christmas cards with all these scraps was kind of fun on Sunday.  What else was there to do while it snowed?

This morning I made a few more.  They're getting more elaborate, pretty soon they won't fit in the envelopes!

That moose ornament sacrificed its gold string for the ornament card.  I think it was worth it.

Tomorrow we're loading up the truck with gifts and goodies and driving up to Katrina's apartment in Menominee, Michigan.  Like us, she lives a mile from a state line, making her just barely a Yooper.  She plans on crossing the state line and coming back to Wisconsin in the summer so she can vote in next fall's Wisconsin elections. Did you hear about Scott Walker's idea of Christmas giving?  According to Walker's campaign team, toys are temporary, but political contributions are forever.

(photo couresty of

Not all is Grinchy in Madison's hallowed state halls, Governor Walker is going to make sure Santa has all he needs to make his way down chimneys in Wisconsin. 

I read this book while in a gift shop recently...I wasn't too impressed.  They make different versions for different states.  Cute idea, and the illustrations were nice but it could have been better written.  Don't rush out to buy a copy for your grandkids.

I'm thinking about a visit to the Capitol after Christmas in hopes that I can catch a glimpse of their tree before they take it down.  Looks nice, don't you think?  Have a nice Christmas Eve, wherever you are today!


  1. Love the cards! Very creative. I just order a card from Shutterfly, using the latest family photo. Oh - and I write a dorky Christmas letter.

    Battling a cold today, otherwise I'd be up on the ski slopes. Hoping to get up to the mountains sometime this week. But the snowpack's mighty skimpy this year, so I might end up hiking instead. I heard there's a "Christmas ornament trail" somewhere in the Gorge, and now I'm itching to find it.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Do like the cards you made, very productive of you. Have a great Christmas

  3. You have a leg up on Next Christmas ... in the meantime have a merry one tomorrow.