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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

And Then There Were Bugs

I've got 4 words for you.  Coolest..Art..Exhibit..Ever.

Wayne waiting for me to get my fill of insect art in the second floor hallway

The artist's name is Jennifer Angus and her art exhibits utilize insects from Southeast Asia.  She uses them in a variety of art forms and while the insects are real none of them are endangered and she tries to be as ethical as possible in her effort to bring attention to these species and their endangered rain forest habitat.  The exhibit "Tell Me a Story" is on view at Villa Terrace in Milwaukee until February 8th.

Her newest work features the insects in bell jars in a variety of interesting fantasy dioramas.  As I told the gal on duty, the children who recently visited must have been in heaven!

Hillary Clinton even viewed her exhibit earlier this year in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  That exhibit focused mainly on her well known work featuring the insects as wall art in patterns that evoke textiles and wallpaper designs.

The beetles look to be busier than bees in this display.  I laughed with delight!  Jennifer reuses her insects, pinning them to foam for transport and storage.  The possibilities are endless for what she could decide to do with them, right?  If I had disposable money and wanted to start an art collection this is the kind of place I would start.  Does it count as sculpture?

Imagine my surprise when I looked into a small room down one of the hallways and discovered some mammals gathered for dinner.

There were some insects present at the buffet, but I must admit it was the cleverly positioned mice that tickled my funny bone.

This exhibit we viewed will be at Villa Terrace until February 8th and there is much to see that I didn't share not to mention the color of the insects has to be seen in person to be really appreciated.  There are a few other things exhibited as well including some interesting ironwork by Cyril Colnik.   In March she will have an exhibit opening at the Textile Center in Minneapolis until May so if you'll be nearby stop and check one of her exhibits out!

Three more words for you  -  Happy New Year!


  1. Wow - this is the most unusual artwork I've ever seen! But cool too. Happy New year to you!

  2. What fun! Would've loved to have been with you here. We would've had some laughs while appreciating the exhibit.