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Friday, December 19, 2014

Auxier Ridge Part 3 - Fa-la-la-la Fungi and Lichen for the Holidays

I spotted a nice little variety of fungi and lichen on Auxier Ridge, was that really 2 weeks ago already?  Of course the lichen don't care what the temperature is, but they always look nicer in a place where they're getting a lot of moisture like the ridge there seemed to get.  The first two shots I took within the first quarter of a mile, including the festively red and green British soldiers.

British soldiers, pixie cups and common powderhorn standing tall in the back of the group

Dibaeis baeomyces?

I tried to keep up with Sharon since I knew a five mile hike could only withstand so much stopping if we didn't want to be out there all day.  But I couldn't resist the water droplets forming and dropping off this fruticose lichen.

Remember how I said we saw animal scat on the rocky ridge?  Well, it was while I was looking for evidence of mammal activity that I spotted a row of these fungi lining the trail.  There was about a half dozen of them scattered along the edge, almost like little lanterns lining a path.  When I was setting up my shot I bumped it accidentally and it shot out a poof! of spores.

Just a few feet further along I found these jellies. Amber Jelly (Exidia recisa) is mainly a winter fungus, appearing on dead twigs often on the forest floor.  This fungus can dry out and shrink to almost nothing but after rain, or simply a heavy early morning fall of dew, the fruitbodies can rehydrate and recommence releasing their unseen clouds of microscopically tiny spores.  They looked pretty "juicy" when I saw them.

Exidia recisa

At Courthouse Rock the lichen were as big as my hand and flapped in the wind like flags. Some kind of rock tripe?

This is a short one, had a busy day that started with getting an emission test done on Cory's car then the gym for a quick run before we all headed out for haircuts and grocery shopping...and the "kids" had fun alcoholic drinks with dinner at Cheddar's.

Where do the hours go, it's bedtime already.  I've said for years that there aren't enough hours in a day and I only work part time!  How those women who work full time and raise a family do it I have no idea.  Hope they all get pampered this holiday season, but I'm sure their work is just doubled instead.  If any of those hard working ladies are in your life see what you can do to help them out!


  1. Great collection of lichens - they are so fascinating.

  2. I have never seen most of the lichen you shared. I love all the colors, especially the red soldiers! I had no idea there was such a variety.