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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Red River Gorge in Black and White

I'm trying to remember when I edit my photos to see if any of them look good in black and white, and I actually have a little collection from the Kentucky trip that made the cut.   A few I've shared already, but a few I liked so much better in black and white that I saved them for this post.

Happy Gals Overhang  in B&W

The one below is from Auxier Ridge.  The tree against the misty ridge in the background made a good subject for black and white.

This one is from the area behind Angel Windows. The detailed texture and the spots of lichen gave a gritty feel that I thought the rock benefited from.

Of course the boulders reflecting in the water were from our short walk out to the Sheltowee Trace Suspension Bridge.

And I liked the feel of the shot of Sharon at Whistling Arch in black and white.  I felt like it made nature's power seem so big and people so small, don't you?

One I saved just for this was a shot I set up underneath Moonshiner's Arch.  I think it captures my spirit of adventure and my love of exploration.

But my favorite was the one I set up just before the Beehive on Auxier Ridge in the little hidden cave.  I feel like this one really and truly is me and says a lot about how I see myself...always looking forward to what's around the next bend, always wanting to find and know more whether it's on the trail or at home in my "everyday" life.

Okay, that's enough introspection for today.  Don't worry, even though the Kentucky photos are all displayed I still have quite a bit left from Milwaukee that I didn't have time to get up yet and of course a Christmas post too.

And after the holidays the great outdoors will start calling to me again no matter how cold it is...


  1. Good choices. People always look better in black and white.

  2. Excellent selection of B&W pix. I like them all, and agree with you about the last one.

  3. Very cool. Something about the fog really makes the B&W pop!

  4. I never think to try converting my photos to B & W. Guess I like color too much. Your second photo turned out quite nice.