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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Crossing the Ridge and Kissing the Monkey - Auxier Ridge Part 2

So after the Beehive we tried desperately to take in the views from Auxier Ridge, but the fog was not cooperating.  Still, standing on the narrow ridge and imagining what was out there shrouded in mysterious mist had its charm.

photo taken by Sharon, no running into the shot this time!

Since the trail is so narrow on the ridge here we were glad it wasn't even narrower and that the wind wasn't too brisk.  We took our time but the trail is pretty easy to see and unless you weren't paying attention at all or hiking in the dark I wouldn't call it dangerous.

Along the way there were a few cool rock formations.

My favorite was the one that looked like a monkey.  I stopped to give him a kiss.  Sharon thought I was pretty silly.  I was glad she was along because it would have been even sillier to set up this shot without her and it was nice to hear someone's laughter instead of just silence like I usually do.

There is a nice stairway that helps get you to Courthouse Rock.  I couldn't imagine trying to manage getting there without it.  It probably used to be pretty dangerous doing that short section.

Courthouse Rock didn't look like a courthouse to either Sharon or I, and truthfully I enjoyed the smaller rock formations along the way, but to each their own.  Some people climb around up there, but that's not my bag, baby.  Well, not yet anyway.

steep drop-offs on either side, pay attention!

After we checked out Courthouse Rock we started down the hill underneath it to start our loop hike.  We stopped just below for our pack lunch, taking advantage of some stumps.  As we rested we finally heard and saw some other people and their small dog who arrived at Courthouse Rock shortly after we left.

The Courthouse Rock trail (#202) is quite different from hiking along the ridge.  There were a lot of elevation changes and toward the end we had to stop and rest a few times.

be prepared for some steep sections on #204!

Toward the end before it intersects with the Auxier Ridge trail again the trail was steep and littered with so many fallen trees that it was like completing an obstacle course.  I don't know if I've ever been more relieved to see a trail intersection before as when we got to the top of this one.

I also spotted a fine variety of fungi and lichen along both sections which I'll share tomorrow.  In the spring the area is covered with a surprising variety of wildflowers including lady slipper, so I can't wait to get back on a sunny spring day though as I mentioned before I might do the out and back instead of the strenuous loop.


  1. Cool place! The fall colors just add to it's charm.

  2. Some of that trail looks real sketchy. How exciting!

  3. Pam, I continue to think all your hike stories are great! Wonderful rocks. There's a 'beehive' rock formation in Banff National Park too, and it's actually quite similar, though much bigger. Your water droplet photos are amazing! And thanks for joining my blog, hope you enjoy it - though I'm not getting in much exploring these days after my heart surgery last month.

  4. That section around courthouse rock would have had me turning around. All those leaves look slippery. Love the monkey.