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Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Birthday Boy Works Too Hard

As most of you have figured out by now, Wayne works too hard.

The craziness he's put up with for 25 years!

He's on double shifts again, and we may or may not see him for Christmas.  Today was his birthday, and he just got home.  Even when he's not at work I won't see him much over the winter because he'll be out playing with his pals in their ice shacks.

For his 49th birthday he's sitting at the computer watching videos of hikes on Half Dome and Angels Landing to unwind before bed.  One of these years I hope he'll be doing something like that instead of working too hard for his birthday.

Fall 2013 at Cumberland Falls

Holiday related posts for the next couple of days and tomorrow I'm the one working hard.  We have patients scheduled tighter than any other day this year, I'm just hoping I'll have time to eat!


  1. Tough time for some I finish work tomorrow till the new year. Happy Birthday Wayne

  2. Happy birthday to Wayne and Happy Holidays to both of you!

  3. You know I've said it before - Poor Wayne.