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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Thirst Quenched at Moonshiner's Arch - Part 2

While on top of Moonshiner's arch I noticed that footpaths led off in a couple of different directions, both into the woods and along the river.  I chose to follow the river and right next to Moonshiner's Arch was this arch in progress.  Notice the pile of stone that have collapse from the "ceiling".

The path just kept going, though it was a little faint due to all the fallen leaves.

Down by the river it looked like I might have to start scooting around a cliff and I didn't know how much farther I'd be able to go.

But as I started rounding the corner some big boulders in the water grabbed my attention and I knew I'd be trying to make it at least that far!

It was hard to decide what was prettier, the green water, the white boulders, or the crumbly cliff face.

As I got down by the boulders the "trail" started getting a little sketchier, but I was loving the adventure.

Then I got to the rough spots.

I took my time on the wet rocks and circled around the log only to find myself facing this daunting sight.

pretty steep if you need a rope

Adventure over!  I was not climbing up that slick clay hillside without someone around to pull or push me if needed.  Another adventure for another day.

I had stayed close to the cliffside on my way in from Moonshiner's Arch so on the way out I chose to follow the river back to the rock crossing.  The heavy clay mud was a little thick in spots.

Nothing I discovered on this trail was in any trail description I found so it was great to feel like I was in "uncharted territory".  Don't worry, I didn't ruin it for whoever reads this, there was a lot of places to poke around and discover stuff on your own!  There was even a little low ceiling "cave" with a sign outside warning about staying out to prevent the spread of white nose syndrome.  Who knows what critters normally wander around these parts?


  1. "It was hard to decide what was prettier, the green water, the white boulders, or the crumbly cliff face", so you got in the picture and settled that issue.

  2. Love all that layered, colorful rock. Yup, I'd be right there scrambling along with you. :)

  3. Like this hike with all the beautiful rocks and water. Any hike with rocks is a good hike in my book. I am still in awe of you out there alone.

  4. Looks interesting, but hard. I guess you have to wonder a bit about the name.