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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My Whistle Don't Work

So after a long day of driving from northern Indiana to eastern Kentucky on Sunday this is what the road to our rental house looked like.

 I was pretty excited.  It even looked good on the inside too, and no crazy fragrances to make me miserable.

But it's the view right outside that'll get ya.

No matter how nice it was, we were eager to get out and get hiking.  Yesterday we hiked to Rock Bridge, Angel Windows, the Suspension Bridge on the Sheltowee Trace trail and Whistling Arch.  We aren't overachievers or anything, our total distance hiked was in the range of 3.5 miles and they were all pretty easy to get to.  After all there are at least 150 arches here, I think our goal was pretty reasonable.

Pam, are you done's getting cold and wet out here...

It started out almost 60 degrees in the morning but by noon the temps were dropping pretty fast and by the time we decided to take the 2/10 mile hike out to Whistling Arch the wind and rain that had threatened all day finally started making their appearance.

Whistling Arch's "front porch"

As I told Sharon I have the best luck on my trips so we had nothing to worry about, a sprinkle was all we were going to have to put up with.  I tried to whistle at the arch to see what all the fuss was about but my lips aren't as plump as they used to be now that I'm an old broad and I had no success. I don't think I'll get plastic surgery though, I can live without whistling.

view through Whistling Arch

I took a minute to sit down and take in the view from Whistling Arch as the wind started to bite at our faces.  No worries.  And you know what, these pictures and this arch are nothing compared to the others.  Who cares that it's just barely 40F?  That keeps the sissies home so we can have it all to ourselves!

Pam pauses

It started to rain a little harder when we were minutes from the house and Sharon was sure we'd be unloading all our gear in a downpour.  "Not a problem, it won't be raining when we get there," I said.  Sure enough, no rain, but shortly after we got it all in the skies opened up and it's been raining steady ever since.  Now if we could only figure out how to turn on the gas fireplace without setting the house on fire everything would be perfect!


  1. Nice place! Glad you got in a couple of hikes before the rain set in! (Of course, you know me. This Oregonian hikes in the rain no matter what!)

  2. Looks like you tow are nice and cosy there,. Great view from the house just ashame about the rain

  3. That is a great rental you found. I haven't done much in Kentucky. Didn't know they had all those arches. I think I'd go in warmer weather, though. :-D