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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Eating and Drinking in Frankfort

What else did Cory and I do in Frankfort?  Sharon told me that a stop at Rebecca Ruth Candies is a must so we did.  The verdict?  The chocolate was good, but I've had better, especially the Chocolate B'ar in Townsend.

Since we were in bourbon country we stopped at the Buffalo Trace Distillery for a tour.

The distillery has been making bourbon under different names for over 200 years, and its buildings are on the list of National Historic Landmarks.  The oldest building on site was built in 1792.

The large warehouse above has a foundation of Kentucky River "marble", which is a limestone that we saw a lot in old Frankfort.  

We took the was the longest hour of my life.  Hate to say it, but boring isn't the word.

The only part I enjoyed was the barrels rolling out of the warehouse.

We snuck out of the tour a few minutes early and soon discovered that while the tour info wasn't that interesting the main reason it was so boring was in large part due to our uninspiring tour guide.  We had the fortune to meet Freddie in the tasting room and were soon having a great time.

Freddie had Cory drinking out of his hands, smelling the different elements in the bourbon's make-up, and how to properly taste the bourbon to get the most out the flavor.

Me?  Well, I've said it here before, I just really am not a drinker.  I always try in these situations, hoping to finally find a tasting situation that I enjoy.  Bourbon was not that situation.  One small sip of two different bourbons was enough for me.  They couldn't believe the look that I made just when I smelled it, much less when I tasted it.

So, what can I recommend in Frankfort if not Gibby's sandwich shop, Rebecca Ruth Candies or the bourbon?  The donuts at Poppy's were pretty good.  And someone creative had fun with the windows.

When we got back home I was playing catch-up with the new season of "Justified" and there was a lot of bourbon getting poured, including one customer who came in and asked for Buffalo Trace.  That was pretty neat, I wouldn't have understood what he was asking for before our tour!


  1. Most tours are only as good as the tour guide. Glad you met up with someone who made your experience more enjoyable.

  2. Think the look on your face says it all so you have better not go to the Guinness brewery in Dublin when you visit. Nothing wrond with bit of burbon though I'm not sure about drinking it out of my hand