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Thursday, February 12, 2015

On the Road from Tennessee to Kentucky

On Sunday night we drove as far as Newport in Tennessee and Monday morning hit the highway heading north.

Instead of taking I-40 we drove on US25e which is a little more scenic.  


The JM Walters truss bridge built in 1934 is being replaced because it is too narrow to handle the traffic flow.  I like seeing new bridges being built but sad that old ones get replaced.

When we crossed in to Kentucky I admired their barns too.  A lot were painted black or unpainted and there were beef cows dotting the hills along with the horses.

I love the hills of Kentucky, that rough, raw land calls out to me to come wandering.  The clouds were threatening rain but I stopped at the Visitor center at Cumberland Gap on Monday to find a hike while Cory took a nap in the car.

I beat the rain and wandered those hills...plenty of time for napping in Wisconsin's windy, wintry days ahead.


  1. They replace bridges here as well, and a lot of our railway heritage is being replaced at the moment.

  2. Clever Wheel People:) The back roads are so much more fun when one has time. Glad you and Cory had this time.

    That photo of the bridge is so clear. It really grabbed my attention. Great photo:)