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Sunday, February 1, 2015

No Mural But What a Post Office!

When we were on our way through Indiana I had it on my list of stops to detour in Terre Haute and find their old U.S. Post Office because I thought there was a mural there.  No mural, but the building was an art deco dream!

Built in 1934 the massive federal building was originally home not only to the Post Office but also to the IRS, the FBI and the Social Security Administration.

Now it's home to the Indiana State University Scott College of Business, and students were busy coming in and out while I wandered around with my camera.

If you have any doubt about whether what you are looking at is art deco, remember that the style favored shiny ornamentation of brass, chrome and aluminum and vertical lines as well as geometric designs.

As if the eagles aren't fabulous enough, there were symbols everywhere I looked.

elevator doors

Research reveals the mural is was in the courtroom on the floor above.  Oh, well, another reason to revisit Terre Haute.

Egyptian influence also common in art deco

And as we drove away from the old Post Office I saw this building and instantly recognized the Vault style of architecture from my wanderings in Lafayette.  Sherry had commented that she was impressed with my architectural knowledge, but I confessed to her that Google is the one who knows it all.  However, once I learn some new jargon I'm usually pretty good at retaining it!

643 Wabash Avenue is the home of the Visitors Bureau according to Google

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