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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Broke it Already!

I'm always the first one to ding or scratch anything new, and it usually doesn't take very long. Yesterday we took the kayak out on the sloughs of the Mississippi River.

All was going well except for a little bickering about why I wasn't supposed to "help" when Wayne was steering. I was taking it personally until he told me that's just the way it is in a two person boat situation. Well, that's another story altogether! We settled into a rhythm and headed for the bald eagle in the top of the trees and had fun listening to his friend hiding in the bushes making quite a lot of noise. Just after we paddled away the two of them took wing for another part of the river.

We paddled around a little more, and my lower back was twinging, so Wayne offered to tighten up the straps for the seat a little bit...and crack! The buckle holding it together snapped and now one side of my seat was sagging. Okay, technically it wasn't me this time who took the tarnish off our new toy, but still I was a little worried  this would make him quite cranky and spoil our adventure. However, he took it in stride, stuck his feet in my lower back for support and we paddled around for another hour! Gotta love it when they can still surprise you after 22 years together!

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