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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ashland Murals Walking Tour - Warmer Days

Last year in August when we visited Bayfield and Ashland we did more than kayak the sea caves.

We've seen the murals in Ashland before, and I posted about the new one that we got to see in progress.  When we stopped at Walgreen's we ended up taking a walk up and down Main Street to see how their old downtown was faring and to see how many murals we could spot.

The Asaph Whittlesey Mural at the corner of Hwy 2 and Hwy 13 was easily spotted from the Walgreen's parking lot and started off our unofficial mural tour.  It depicts the Ashland National Bank as it appeared in 1892.  I should have taken it from a corner angle as it wrapped around the other side a bit.  Oops!

Also easily seen and accessed from Walgreen's was the Histoical Ellis Avenue Mural.  Painted on the former Superior District Power Company building it features some local architectural history.

Since I'm so behind on murals I'm just going to keep posting them, Monday or not.  It's strange right now to think about that walk we took.  I remember how warm it was and how bright the sun was, it was August after all. Maybe sharing all these summer pictures will help keep us all looking forward until this weather pattern lets up!


  1. That first mural is amazing!! It is really hard to see it as a painting...gorgeous:)

  2. Well we sure missed it when we were in Bayfield. I think we did drive through Ashland but we were in the motorhome. Can't remember if we went back for anything during our time in Bayfield but I sure wish I'd known about these murals. Great pictures. Looking forward to more.