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Friday, May 29, 2015

The Last of the North Shore

Well, last week we wandered from Duluth to Tettegouche and had a lovely time.

View from Silver Creek Cliff

The road used to go right up to the cliff edge there, some boulders on the side the only thing separating the motorist from experiencing their car sinking to the bottom of the lake.  Of course they drove a lot slower then and there were a lot less cars on the road, not to mention none of them were texting while driving!

Wayne, Cory and I went to Gooseberry Falls State Park and walked the Falls Loop, seeing the upper, middle and lower falls.  It was the weekend, so unlike when I went with my mother the place was packed with families out enjoying the sunny day and playing in the cool water.  We were hot and cranky, following the masses in a circle, feeling like we were on nature's conveyer belt.

We got our solitude when we stopped at Split Rock and found that secret entrance to the beach via the Gitchi-Gami State Trail.

While taking our adventurous shortcut I spotted one lonely Nodding Trillium.

Another spot we wanted to go back and explore was the the Beaver River in Beaver Bay.  They are constructing a new parking area right next to it and we were itching to go back and explore but ran out of time.

Beaver River 

Our last morning there the fog was thick and the Bluebells were dripping.

I'd been watching the emerging Bunchberry all week and they were just starting to open up, I hope I'll be somewhere soon to see them in their glory.  They were so gorgeous in Door County last year.

After spending a day at home cleaning and doing laundry I hit the road again and I'm camping up at Devil's Lake State Park for a few nights.  I can't believe how much overtime Wayne is working this year, sometimes I forget what he looks like!  Wait until you hear what I went through today while hiking the IAT in Lodi....