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Monday, June 29, 2015

Visiting The Western Terminus

One of the things we did while camping at Willow River State Park this weekend was take a daytrip to Interstate Park, home of the Western Terminus of the Ice Age Trail.

Wild Mint at the trailhead

Interstate Park is located in St., Croix Falls and we had reservations there for May 2014 but cancelled them to go to Newfoundland instead.  After a quick look around we decided we'll make the effort to try to camp there again, though maybe not in summer since there were more mosquitoes at Interstate Park than at Willow River.

lichen everywhere

The Potholes Trail was recommended as the "must see" by the gatehouse attendant, and it just happens to be where the Western Terminus is located so Wayne got tricked onto the IAT.  The trail is a loop that is under half a mile but there was a lot to see.

Northern Bedstraw growing on top of the rock formations
how the potholes are made

The potholes were made by rolling stones wearing grooves into the outcrop of rock above the river gorge.  Nature is so cool.

rocks did not wear away the hair on top of Wayne's head, though it also happened over time

We even saw a lizard of some kind while we were looking out over the river, and if it hadn't been so darn hot outside we could've hung around all day playing in such a neat place.

The trail overlooks the Dalles of the St. Croix River gorge, a place that looks like it would be fun to explore in the kayaks.  I hope Wayne's back is doing better next year, I think this year we've kind of given up on the kayaks in case it aggravates that situation.  Better safe than sorry.

Having Wayne with me meant I didn't have to set up a monopod for a picture at the Terminus, which is a good thing because there wasn't any dirt to plant it into on top of all that rock!

I might look "cool", but Baby, it's Hot Outside!

I conned Wayne in to crossing the road to the Horizon Rock Trail which ended up being the continuation of the Ice Age trail, but when we got to Horizon Rock he wouldn't go any further.  That's okay, it was so hot outside that we left the park and headed straight to Walmart where I had to buy running shorts to put on because I felt like I might just die in the jean capris that I was wearing.  Spandex jeans do NOT breathe.

We did a lot more exploring in the area, a sampler if you will, getting ideas for our eventual return...I'm thinking in the fall this year or next year maybe when the trees will provide a show along the many rivers found here.


  1. This looks like a wonderful area! I enjoyed the description of how the potholes are made. Makes a lot of sense. I was wondering how you were handling the heat when I saw your jeans. Haha! You weren't!

  2. Those potholes are really interesting. I'd like to see them.

  3. Those potholes are really interesting. I'd like to see them.

  4. Those potholes are really interesting. I'd like to see them.