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Friday, April 22, 2016

The Three C's - Chocolate, Cupcakes and the Capitol

Unfortunately for my waistline I can't go anywhere without checking out their gourmet chocolate and their cupcakes.  The Chocolat Bar on Bannock Street has very smooth dark chocolate so it's a good thing  I won't be able to visit often!

A Cupcake Paradise was just a few doors down and luckily was only selling the normal sized cupcakes and not the giant ones.  I got four different flavors and while they were pretty good, they were a bit dry.

The Capitol building was completed in 1920 and the dome is topped with a bronze eagle.

The interior contains four different types of marble.  The first floor is set up as a self-guided tour of the history of Idaho and the function of its government.  During my visit I arrived at the lunch hour just as hordes of Junior Achievement high schools kids dressed in their finest were exiting the building.  Glad I missed that!

Missing from the Capitol was the usual display of art.  Even a quick glance in the chambers didn't reveal anything.  But that's okay because downtown Boise is FILLED with murals!


  1. Chocolates ... hmmm ... searching for something on my blog from 2007, I came across a post that talked about Ganong's Chocolates (located in New Brunswick near the Maine border), and how we gorged on fine chocolates there. Good thing I don't live nearby as my clothes would have to be several sizes larger! Enjoy your cupcakes, too.

  2. Love your post title. Chocolate and cupcakes...mmmmmmmm. If you're ever in Boerne, Texas, you must go to Sugar Belle's Cupcakes. Her chocolate cherry cupcakes are so scrumptious, but she only makes them certain days. I feel like I've died and gone to heaven if I happen to be there on a day she has them out. She just bought a used food truck and she is going to spruce it up and sell cupcakes from her truck. Hopefully she will keep her store too so we can still find her.