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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Tired of Winter Already

The weather has been frightful here in Wisconsin for the past month.

Team spirit across from Lambeau Field in Green Bay

Poking your head outside is always a risk, especially during the recent Polar Vortex event.  Temps were down around -50F with the wind chill for two days in a row.  I cancelled all my appointments for work and stayed home, I was not risking my car not starting miles from home.

Giraffe sculptures in Racine

Even the U.S. Post Office shut down those days, but snow has been an issue the past month as well.  Seems like at least half a foot falls once or twice a week.

And the blowing snow can be as bad as the falling snow, leaving roads with a thin glaze of unexpected slickness to worry about.

It makes for some pretty trees while I'm driving around, but I am quite tired of snow plow sightings.

Kettle Moraine views

I'm not the only one who has spent a lot of time indoors lately, Wayne and the cats have taken a hibernating approach to life as well.

More body heat, please

I'm at a hotel in Appleton this morning because another winter storm hit the state, and I didn't make it home from my route up to the Upper Peninsula in time.  Snow would have been one thing but it was ice I was worried about - they were calling for up to half an inch of ice overnight south of Fond du Lac.  I wonder what the neighborhood will look like when I get home?

Twin Lakes after our most recent snowfall

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