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Monday, December 7, 2020

A Little More Bonavista

 It seems like a long time ago already. How is it possible that we were in Bonavista only 3 weeks ago?

Cape Bonavista Lighthouse

We timed the trip to coincide with some sunny weather, and the weatherman didn't disappoint us.

Dungeon Provincial Park

You never know what you might see in Newfoundland, but I'm always surprised when I see a horse.

Out past Bonavista lies the tiny village of Spillars Cove and at the end of the road you can access the 6km Klondike Trail.

I left Wayne in the car and walked 10 minutes past stunning coastal scenery, the highlight of the trail as most of it crosses an inland route to Elliston. 

I even sat down for a few minutes to enjoy the sounds of the ocean.

I wanted to keep going all the way to Elliston, but the Klondike Trail is just another reason to come back to Bonavista again.

I'm hoping the next visit will be in the summer so I can see whales and icebergs, and visit the Mockbeggar Plantation and the Ryan Premises which are always closed when we go in the fall.

While Wayne cooked his breakfast the next morning, I took a final stroll down Rolling Cove Road.

The sun was gone, the day was gray and windy, but any day you can taste the salt on your lips and hear the sound of the waves crashing on the beach is a good one.

Besides a gray day is a good reason to try a little black and white photography, right? Not bad for an iphone!

The weather has been cool but comfortable lately - I'll be posting a few hikes I've been able to enjoy over the past few weeks very soon!

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